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Sales Policy

Terms and Conditions of Sale

 1. Order Confirmation

1.1 In writing; email (as per your response to checkout order/invoice)

1.2 Fully completed order details = units/ style/ colour/contact information

1.3 On receipt of full payment, including shipping and delivery costs calculated.

1.4 Payment means client acceptance and agreement to abide by plantup-za's terms and conditions of sale, without reservations, nor exceptions.          

2. Stock Availability

2.1 Client will be notified immediately where there is any delivery delays due to stock shortages.

2.1.1 Completing goods; manufacture lead times; Five (5) working days for singular units, and  bulk orders average at 2-6 weeks from order confirmation

2.2 PLANTUP-ZA tries to ensure healthy stock levels at all times, and apologizes in advance for any inconvenience caused by shortfalls due to unforeseen/ uncontrollable factors/ supplier shortages, etc.  - Also, we wish to thank our clients for their understanding and patience in case of such rare occurrence.

3. Delivery

3.1 Delivery subject to full payment received prior to handing over of goods.

3.1.2 Goods completed, quality approved, and transferred into client’s possession.

3.2 Client has pre-arranged to collect from PLANTUP-ZA/associate/sales representative’s premises by appointment;

3.2.1 All parties are in agreement to pre-arranged venue appointed time-frame for delivery exchange.

3.2.2 Proof of purchase and identity documentation to be presented for verification before goods are handed over.

3.2.3 or;  a 3rd party shipping service; full cost reflected on billing invoice, as calculated by weight and/ packaging and/ insurance. (post office counter to counter, overnight, courier service etc.)

3.3  Arrange delivery of goods within the borders of South Africa only.

3.3.1 Goods may be delivered to client’s export agent; on specific written instruction only. PLANTUP-ZA cannot be held accountable for any losses or damage incurred due to 3rd party export agents employed.

3.4  PLANTUP-ZA cannot be held accountable for any losses or damage incurred due to handling by domestic shipping agents.

3.4.1 will assist where possible, to reclaim damages as to insurance included in shipping service tarrif. Where client specifically waivers insurance costs, and/ chooses to use a shipping service of their own choice; PLANTUP-ZA will be unable nor liable to assist in damage claims, nor can be held accountable for any loss or damage while in transit, as handled by domestic shipping service requested by client.

4. Disclaimer

4.1 PLANTUP-ZA cannot be held responsible for incorrect information provided by client; and therefore indemnified of damage or loss incurred hereby

4.2 You are strongly advised to check all information supplied as correct before payment / sales agreement

4.3 Correct order details are paramount = units + style + colour + contact information + delivery details.

5. Colour advisory

5.1 Fabric dyelots differ. (difference in colour shades per manufacturer’s dye batch.) 

5.1.1 Best effort has been made to represent colour as accurately as possible (electronically); however colour shade may vary. 

5.2 PLANTUP-ZA holds the proprietary right to approve shade, as and when available. 

5.3  You are strongly advised to order matching colour sets at the same time.

6. Proprietary rights and intellectual property
     PLANTUP-ZA asserts it's intellectual property rights pertaining to original design and concept.

6.1 By purchasing PLANTUP-ZA goods, or 'browsing' through goods on sale display (electronic/ physical presence, e.g. email, online shop, advertisements via other sources, social media sites/ web pages among other electronic and/ or physical contact.)

6.1.1 No right, title or interest in any purchased product is transferred to you as a result of any such dealings.

6.2 reserves complete title and full intellectual property rights in any design concept, practical application, manufacturing technique, as indicated or apparent.

7. Product Care and Maintenance;

7.1 Client is responsible for the correct care and maintenance of  PLANTUP-ZA goods purchased.

7.2 Our woven fabric growbags are machine washable 100% Polyester;

                                – fibre; may weaken,
                                melt when exposed over time to; or in direct contact.
                                at temperatures above 90 degrees Celsius.


                COLD WASH MACHINE CYCLE; ensure all soil and debris has been brushed off fabric first.


                DO NOT use fabric softener

                DO NOT bleach

                DO NOT tumble dry

                DRIP DRY 

                DO NOT IRON

                STORE IN A COOL DRY PLACE; when not in use

7.3 Metal hooks have been cured and treated with galvanizing paint.
                DO NOT SCRATCH, CHIP, MANUALLY OR CHEMICALLY ABRADE; thereby exposing raw metal to the elements and rusting.