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Rigging and Suspension Ideas

Think "Safe & Sturdy" support structure, add suspension and that's all you need to get hooked onto hanging-vertical-gardening. Each Plantup-za growbag may be safely and easily repositioned as required because our garden system is based on simple modular units. Prolong your plant’s growing season by tracking sunlight as the seasons progress; Follow the sun; unhook and move parts of, or your entire hanging garden, to a more suitable sunlight + microclimate setting. 


Waterwise - Drip Catcher

Our hanging grow bags feature eco-friendly water and nutrient recycling options. Be water wise, capture and re-use the runoff water and nutrients with Plantup-za's suspended growbags. Water Skirts available ~ shop online to neaten and cover the inner workings of your Waterwise - Drip Catcher. This option opens up possibilities for indoor use.  Some eco-friendly DIY can quickly setup the drip catcher.


How to: Grow in Barrelbags

In short:

  • Choose area where bag will be hung up
  • Choose plants suitable for growing in that spot's micro climate
  • Prepare plants for the big move 
  • Transplant in cool of early evening
  • Fill bag with suitable potting soil
  • Water soil well, and allow to drain
  • Transplant
  • Water again
  • Hang up growbag
  • Set regular maintenance schedule = water and feed etc...
  • Enjoy vertical gardening