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Diary of Veg Herb 'n Flower Mix ~ Barrel bags & Cube groundbags

A full mix 'n match companion-planting bed, flowers, fruit, herbs on wall and veg, herbs 'n flowers in and out of groundbags. 
Here are BARREL growbags hanging on wall plus checkerboard of SQUARE FOOT CUBE ground bags n bedding.  
Ground cover creepers & tall summer shade plants go direct in and between CUBE ground bags.

This bedding is East facing, but only gets sun mid morning to mid afternoon. Neighbour's trees and honeysuckle thicket planted up against the other side of this wall. Their roots have a well established web going through this garden bed. Needless to say anything planted direct in this sandy space doesn't stand a chance against this aggressive root system. Cheeky roots tunnel up through drainage holes into standard plastic plant pots and concrete troughs and suck up nutrients meant for my plants. Eish!! competition is rough in the 'burbs.

But watch what Plantup-za slow sipping growbags can do...

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