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Diary of CUBE Groundbags - Veggie Hot Bed

Making the most of small space gardens with Plantup-za + companion plants and succession planning. Here's the diary of our SQUARE FOOT CUBE ground growbag style. Arranged around a climbing trellis frame, with a tree stump in centre.

East facing full day sun garden bedding space with +8 winter to 14 summer hours of sunlight = Super dry, hot ‘n dusty in high summer and warmest spot in dead of winter. Planted inside PUZA’s ground CUBE growbags = Cucumbers, radish, sweet potatoes, bell peppers, tomatoes, pattipans & hubbard squash. To be followed by winter beans, peas, turnips, beetroot, all the while protected by garlic, marigold & chamomile ...
Planted outside CUBES, directly in sandy soil between growbags = Namaqualand vygies, nasturtiums, wild dagga, sunflowers and more ... 

Not only does the plants inside our CUBE style growbags benefit, the immediate surrounding soil benefits as well. The CUBES act as an in situ slow drip watering system, a nutrient percolating soil conditioning composter and provides added shelter for soil pockets alongside CUBE growbags. Our fabric’s hi-tech moisture control fibre and weave’s properties enhance nutrient percolation. Literally sweats and breathes to keep living soil within sufficiently moist and aerated ... Show some love for our PUZA slow sipping growbags.

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